Mission Statement:

At 7 Reign (Game of Cans) our mission is to utilize action education as a tool for motivation, change and liberation through recreation and inter-active play. Our sole intent is to positively impact the lives, hopes and visions of children, families and communities.

How to Play the Game of Cans

The objective of the Game of Cans is for each contestant to strike or hit their opponents Can by throwing or shooting a basketball at the designated Can target. Contestants are awarded points based on their ability to accurately hit their opponents Can.

Game play continues until a score of 100 points is reached by either participating contestant. The contestant that reaches a score of 100 points first, is the winner of the game. Scoring consists of targeted point lines, each ranging from 10, 20, 30 and 40 points as marked on the 7Reign Cans Court. Point range for scoring is determined at each player’s discretion throughout the course of the game.

A player might choose to score points at the 10 point line mark and later on in the game choose to score points at the 30 point line mark in an attempt to reach a total score of 100 points before their opponent.